Covid 19: How we are protecting you

Covid-19: Our Response

With the COVID 19 dilemma, we have implemented some new policies and have listed these below with our existing policies when it comes to sanitising our products:

  • Any inflatable that is used will not be used again for a minimum of 2-3 Days.  COVID-19 has the potential to survive up to 2-3 days on plastics if the circumstances are right (e.g. temperature, humidity). So, all our products will be cleaned and then left in the sun for a minimum of 3 days to make sure if any infected person/s have been on the product, the remnants of any COVID-19 bacteria have been killed. (New Policy) The sun drying is the best way to clean and make sure the item is safe.The product that we use to clean our inflatables is BIO GREEN ANTI-BACTERIAL & NUT FREE. This product is safe on humans and those with nut allergies and also does not damage the integrity of the inflatable (stitching, PVC material etc.) or environment.
  • All our Products are cleaned after each use (Standard Policy). Arcades, Juke Boxes, Photobooths, Cash machines and Sideshow Games, Marquees, Stages, Table and Chairs will all be cleaned before they come out to events.
  • Entertainers will stand at a distance and make sure they have sanitised their hands before they work. 
  • Face painters have their rules to provide to you. They will have a couple of brushes to sterilize after each child, allow 5 minutes for sterilisation to ensure they are safe.
  • Face painters can wear a mask if required. They will also make sure their table and chairs are appropriately cleaned after each event.
  • Animal farms continue to have hand sanitiser as they did before. The number of people given entry into the animal pen will be in line with the current government restrictions. Others can look in while waiting.
  • Rides and Amusements – Will also be provided by suppliers using the required Covid-19 safe practices as required by Workplace Health and Safety. 

All our suppliers are making sure that we provide a safe environment for your events and parties. Moving forward we just want to bring back the FUN!