Set of 3 Arcades Package

Set of 3 Arcades Package


We now have many more arcades available for you including the Driving Game!
Set of 3 Arcades for 2 days $795 or
Set of 3 Arcades for 5 days $895
plus delivery $110

Please note: You will need a flat entry and wide doors.

Choice of Single Driving Machine below: Can arrange Twin games but extra cost!

  • Sega Car racing Game
  • Fast & Furious
  • Driver Battle Gear
  • Mario Kart in Deal

OR can choose the Minion Hammer Game

PLUS the Old School favourites: 2 below

  • Stand Up Machine 60-500 games
  • Sit Down Machine 60 games

Great 3 Arcades! We also have Table Tennis as one item.

If you want to add the Minion Game and the Single Driver to package then extra $495 giving you 4 items

Excellent Fun for your next holidays!