Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Arcade Machine Hire

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Arcade Machine Hire


It’s the current craze! Put your dancin’ boots on and get up and move to the beat!

Guys and gals of all ages can have a go. From easy to expert we’ve got stages to cover all levels.

Our specially modified dance machine contains the hit songs from ALL dance machines. We’ve got close to 500 tracks to choose from.

Most other dance machines also feature generic techno. Ours also contains some hits such as Gangnam Style and Daft Punk.

You’ll be more likely to get up and dance if you know the song.

Fully equipped with bass pumping subs and flashing DJ lights this machine will be the life of the party.

Please Note: A delivery fee applies for the hire of one item. Please see our Price List for details.


SIZE: 178cm (W) x 132cm (L) x 209cm (H) 200kgs

Overall: HeightClearance of 2400mm required

Access: Easy flat level ground, no steps or stairs