NASCAR Racing Arcade (Twin) Game Hire

NASCAR Racing Arcade (Twin) Game Hire

Duel Daytona the all-time Classic Twin Driver the one we all grew up with !


Officially licensed by NASCAR and developed in conjunction with Electronic Arts (EA), Global VR delivers a high energy fun and addictive driving game with NASCAR Racing.

Players can choose from 12 of NASCAR’s most celebrated drivers and race on the most popular NASCAR tracks as they experience the excitement of professional stock car driving. Each race includes 30 different computer-controlled NASCAR drivers and cars so that you are driving on a full track. Hear your pit boss offer advice and commands as you zoom around the tracks at speeds of 200 MPH while rocking out to various contemporary rock tunes.

Thanks to realistic drafting physics, you can get a draft-boost to speed past opponents after following directly behind them for a moment. Cars show physical damage and spectacular crashes. NASCAR Racing has also been designed with computer assisted driving to offer more appeal to casual players while allowing more seasoned drivers depth. This all plays out across six faithfully recreated NASCAR tracks including: Daytona International Speedway; Talladega; Indianapolis Motor Speedway; Atlanta Motor Speedway and more. If you play nice, you’ll win a ‘halo’ at the end of the race while aggressive drivers will win a set of red horns!

GlobalVR’s EA Sports NASCAR Racing Features:

– Exclusive to arcades. Never released to any home console device
– Officially licensed NASCAR product
– Race on six official NASCAR tracks including a night track
– Standard version features a 32″ HD LCD display
– Powered by a standard PC using an nVidia 7600 series graphics card
– Standard racing controls includes a force feedback steering wheel, gas & brake pedals, and a 4-speed shifter
– Six speaker audio system plus a button to change the tune during the race
– Link up to 10 units for a multiplayer attraction (ver 1.1 software)
– This title is no longer produced by GlobalVR, having been released in 2007.