Aussie Day Water Fun

Your Guide to Planning the Ultimate “Keep it Cool” Australia Day Event!

If it’s a fun filled Australia Day you’re planning – we have you covered. Australia Day is one of the most celebrated days of the year in this beautiful country, so get ready to bring back the Aussie Fun to your Aussie Day celebration!

Australia Day events are typically a memorable, fun-filled day for families. So if that’s your aim then of course Jumping Castles, Baby Animal Farms, Pony Rides, Sno Cones, Snake & Reptile Shows and Waterslides are the tried and tested activities that never disappoint. They bring smiles to all members of the family across all ages.

But if you want this Australia Day to be even more memorable than the last why not consider something new and maybe a little different this time around?

We are fortunate that our celebration day is right in the middle of our Aussie summer. Perfectly positioned for the iconic Aussie BBQ, cold glasses of perfectly brewed beer, the relief of an ice-cold icy pole and the sweet, succulent watermelon. However, there are some better ways to help keep your guests cool during the celebrations of the day. So here are our…

Top 5 Australia Day Rides & Activities for Hire that will help you keep cool:

1. Dunk tank: You can’t go pass the fun of a dunk tank. Especially if there are some personalities in your community who deserve a good dunking.

2. Extreme Obstacle & Waterslide Courses: These obstacle courses are so much more than a bouncy castle. With a climbing wall and dual lane slide that can be wet or dry – this course is a safe yet adventurous means for mayhem.

3. Extreme Slip and Slides: take the waterslide to the next level with an inflatable extreme slip n slide. Big enough for 2-3 people to slide down at once, plus it has a pool at the end for parents to casually bathe in while catching the kids. Yeah right, it’s usually where the dash for the big splash comes in. They’re loads of fun on a sweltering summer day.

4. Boost Food Vans: Long story short, it’s like a Boost store, but on wheels. The Boost Juice brand is synonymous with healthy juices, refreshing flavours and tasty smiles – our essential companion on a “I need to cool down” kind of day.

5. Cup and Saucer Ride: Well there’s no water play involved here and some of our little ones prefer it that way. So help them catch a cool breeze with this family favourite. Did you know the Cup and Saucer Ride is often the first ride children get to try so it is definitely one of our biggest family favourites.

But wait – you know there’s more. So much more. Head over to our Hire Catalogue for the full range of rides, activities and food vendors available to hire for your Australia Day event.

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! Cathy Briant has you covered! Oi Oi Oi!